Hood Support Assembly Left Hand Set

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An essential component within the Hood Lock & Hinge system is the Hood Support Assembly Left Hand Set (#53450-39225), a body part designed to maintain the hood's stability and positioning. This genuine Toyota part ensures a snug fit and seamless operation, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The hood support system operates by working with the hood latches to safely secure the hood in an open position, allowing for engine inspection or maintenance. Over time, these components are subjected to wear and tear, possibly leading to malfunction. Neglecting to replace an aged or broken support assembly can put the hood at risk of unexpected closure, posing a safety hazard. A properly functioning Hood Support Assembly Left Hand Set (#53450-39225) not only enhances the vehicle's safety but also contributes to operational efficiency by allowing safe and unhindered access to the vehicle's engine area.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53450-39225

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