Fender Apron Mudguard Seal Sub-Assembly Left Hand

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The Fender Apron Mudguard Seal Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#53808-47020) is a crucial component of the Hood & Front Fender system in your Toyota vehicle. It primarily guards the inner compartments against mud and debris, protecting the engine and other components from potential damage. As your vehicle operates, it creates an effective barrier, stopping unwanted elements from infiltrating vital parts. However, over time, this seal may degrade or break, making it essential to replace with genuine parts. Failure to do so could result in mud and debris reaching sensitive areas, leading to potential damage. Toyota's genuine parts offer optimal compatibility with your vehicle, bolstered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining a properly functioning Fender Apron Mudguard Seal Sub-Assembly Left Hand (#53808-47020), your vehicle's Hood & Front Fender system can operate efficiently, promoting the overall performance and safety of your Toyota car.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53826-47040;53389-47030
Part Number 53808-47020

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