Rear Bumper Retainer Upper Side

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The Rear Bumper Retainer Upper Side (#52562-02020) is a critical Body part in the Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel system of Toyota vehicles. This part plays a vital role in holding the bumper securely in place while the vehicle is in use. It functions effectively within the bodywork system, interacting with other components such as the bumper cover and the fender liner. Over time and with regular use, this part may wear out or become damaged, necessitating periodic replacement. Failure to replace a worn-out or broken Rear Bumper Retainer Upper Side (#52562-02020) can lead to the bumper becoming loose or detached, which could affect the vehicle's safety and performance. By using genuine Toyota parts, you benefit from seamless compatibility with your vehicle model. Plus, every genuine Toyota part is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Rear Bumper Retainer Upper Side (#52562-02020), therefore, not only contributes to the efficient operation of the bodywork system but also enhances the overall safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52562-02020

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