Front Bumper Retainer Lower

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The Front Bumper Retainer Lower (#52526-53020), a crucial component in Toyota's Body Front Bumper & Bumper Stay system, Body Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member system, and Body Suspension Crossmember & Under Cover system, plays an essential role in maintaining the vehicle's safety and stability. This part firmly holds the bumper in place, aiding in shock absorption and preventing rattling or shaking while the vehicle is in motion. Over time, the Front Bumper Retainer Lower (#52526-53020) can wear, become damaged or lose its efficacy, making periodic replacement necessary. If left unchecked, a faulty retainer may lead to a loose bumper, increasing the risk of damage in minor collisions or rough driving conditions. Using genuine Toyota parts assists with vehicle compatibility and these are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, a well-maintained Front Bumper Retainer Lower (#52526-53020) contributes significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle by ensuring the bumper, an integral safety feature, stays securely in place.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52526-53020

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