Radiator Grille Protector #2

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The Radiator Grille Protector #2 (#53149-46010), categorized under the Body Hood & Front Fender system and the Body Radiator Grille system, plays a critical role in shielding your vehicle's radiator grille from external damages. This Toyota Autoparts component essentially functions as a barrier, deflecting road debris and other potential hazards, thus preventing damage to the grille and radiator behind it. Periodic replacement of the Radiator Grille Protector #2 (#53149-46010) is vital to maintain optimal performance and safeguard your vehicle components. When this part becomes old, clogged, broken, or non-functional, it may compromise the integrity of your radiator grille, leading to costly repairs. As a genuine part, our Radiator Grille Protector #2 (#53149-46010) is designed to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. It contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of your vehicle by protecting the radiator, thus enhancing safety and preventing unnecessary damage.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53149-30050
Part Number 53149-46010

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