Hood Lock Assembly

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The Hood Lock Assembly (#53510-33270), a key component in Toyota's Hood Lock & Hinge system, serves a primary role in safeguarding the vehicle's engine compartment. This part functions by securely locking the hood in place, preventing unauthorized or accidental access to under-the-hood components. Components involved in its function include the latch mechanism and the key cylinder, which interact to lock or unlock the hood. Over time, the Hood Lock Assembly (#53510-33270) might wear out or get damaged, possibly leading to a hood that won't open or close properly. A malfunctioning hood lock can also compromise the safety of the vehicle by potentially allowing the hood to open while in motion. Genuine Hood Lock Assemblies from Toyota, with their precise fit and high-quality construction, can help maintain compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, they are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. It's crucial to have this assembly checked and replaced periodically to maintain the vehicle's safety and operational efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53510-06120
Part Number 53510-33270

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