Pop Up Hood Lifter Assembly Right Hand

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The Pop Up Hood Lifter Assembly Right Hand (#53460-WAA01), a key component in Toyota's Hood Lock & Hinge system, is essential for a smooth and safe hood operation. This part is integral in lifting and securing the hood in a raised position, allowing for easy access to the vehicle's engine and other under-hood components. The assembly's mechanisms include springs and hinges, which must be kept in good working order to avoid potential damage to the hood or even accidents. Over time, these components may wear, rust, or become clogged, significantly reducing the lifter assembly's operation. A malfunctioning Pop Up Hood Lifter Assembly Right Hand (#53460-WAA01) could lead to difficulty opening or securely holding the hood, posing a safety risk. With Toyota's genuine parts, vehicle compatibility is provided and they are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement is necessary to maintain the system's overall safety and efficiency. It's not simply about aesthetics, but crucial for proper vehicle maintenance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53460-WAA01

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This product contains hazardous materials.

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