Hood Hinge Assembly Left Hand

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The Hood Hinge Assembly Left Hand (#53420-21090), a critical component within the Hood Lock & Hinge system of a vehicle's body, serves to seamlessly connect and aid the movement of the hood. It functions by facilitating the opening and closing of the hood, enabling access to the engine compartment when essential checks, repairs, or part replacements are needed. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Hood Hinge Assembly Left Hand (#53420-21090), offer impeccable compatibility with your vehicle. Additionally, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs them. As the Hood Hinge Assembly Left Hand (#53420-21090) ages or becomes worn out, it may lead to difficulty in opening the hood or in worst scenarios, the hood may not stay open, posing potential risks during maintenance procedures. In summary, the Hood Hinge Assembly Left Hand (#53420-21090) plays an integral role in vehicle safety and maintenance, allowing for smooth, secure access to the engine compartment, thereby contributing to the overall efficiency of the vehicle's performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53420-21090

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