Radiator Grille Sub-Assembly with Cover

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The Radiator Grille Sub-Assembly with Cover (#53101-62900-A1), a key element in the Radiator Grille system, plays a crucial role in your vehicle's functionality. As the frontmost part of the car, it allows air to enter the radiator while protecting the engine from debris, thus maintaining optimal engine temperatures. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts, such as this assembly, aids in maintaining the compatibility and performance of your vehicle. These parts are also protected under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of this assembly is vital as a damaged or worn-out grille can prevent proper air flow, potentially leading to engine overheating. Moreover, without its protective cover, debris can infiltrate, causing further damage. In sum, a functioning Radiator Grille Sub-Assembly with Cover (#53101-62900-A1) not only ensures optimal engine performance, but also contributes significantly to the overall safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53101-62900-A1
Color Number 0622NL
Color Name White Pearl Cs.

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