Radiator Grille Clip

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The Radiator Grille Clip (#53145-08020), a critical Body part in the Radiator Grille system, serves an essential role in keeping the grille securely attached to the vehicle. The clip functions by locking onto the grille and the vehicle body, ensuring a substantial and steady fit. Its firm grip helps prevent the grille from vibrating or shifting while the vehicle is in motion. However, over time, the Radiator Grille Clip (#53145-08020) can become worn or even break due to weather conditions or physical impact. If left unchecked, a damaged clip can lead to the radiator grille becoming loose or possibly falling off, which could potentially cause damage to the radiator or other engine parts. By using genuine Toyota parts, you can maintain vehicle compatibility and benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-maintained Radiator Grille Clip (#53145-08020) contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle by protecting the radiator and ensuring the stability of the grille.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53145-08020

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