Hood Bumper Rear

About this product

The Hood Bumper Rear (#53382-60020), a key body part in the Hood & Front Fender system of Toyota automobiles, serves a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's aesthetics and functionality. This component acts as a cushion by absorbing the sudden force when the hood is closed, preventing the metal from causing damage to the hood or the engine components beneath. Over time, due to constant exposure to the elements and repeated compressions, the hood bumper may deteriorate, lose its resilience, or break. A worn-out hood bumper could lead to hood misalignment or damage to the engine components. Hence, it's advisable to replace this part periodically. By using genuine Toyota parts, like the Hood Bumper Rear (#53382-60020), compatibility with your vehicle is not an issue as they are designed to fit perfectly. Plus, these parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty for added peace of mind. In summary, the hood bumper is instrumental in preserving the vehicle's exterior integrity and ensuring the efficient operation of the Hood and Front Fender system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53382-60020

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